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I started working with Leatherwork when I was deployed during COVID. I already knew that, in route to getting boots on ground at the final destination, we were going to be quarantined in a small room for 14 straight days. So, I brought along some leather from a late great uncle, some tools, and fiddled designs for a wallet and a ring. Since then, I have designed and handcrafted pouches, dog collars, wallets, clutch purses, knife sheaths, key chains, helmets, leather drink coozies, men's leather cuffs, watch bands, and leather caddies. 

Typically, I use leather with some thickness for sturdiness and durability. The keychains and leather caddies are my go to designs that I make because I wish for my creations to be used in everyday life; in essence, to serve their purpose and be the handy tool that is used 24/7. 

I'll sketch out the design on the leather to get the baseline layout of my project.  The process involves beeswax, as a homage to my dad's foray in hobby beekeeping which turns the leather from light tan golden or bright red to dark brownish red. The dog tags and keychains can say specific information for such as quotes from favored movies, shows, songs, and history. If you have a custom design, please email me at

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